Thursday, November 29, 2007

We are good friends!(Funny Animal friendship pictures)

Have you see how some animals can get along together in the animal kingdom? If you don't, have a look at these great pictures.

If only animals and humans were the same with each other always. instead of torture and killing. it would be such a beautiful place.


digga said...

some of the cutest shit I've ever seen.

Taking Over The Net

Anonymous said...

very very cute indeed

more cute shit

Anonymous said...

yea, its cute and all, but what happened after they took the pictures?

Spiranata said...

honestly, --some-- of these pics look shopped... :(

Anonymous said...

the one with the cat licking the mouse.. totally photoshopped.. notice the cat has no shadow =P cute idea tho.

Anonymous said...

yeah the Cat and the mouse along with the Giraffe and the squirell are photoshopped.

Anonymous said...

its much nicer than "2 girls 1 cup"

AcusticThoughts said...

the cat does have a shadow. Look at the front paw. The squirrel giraffe picture looks realbto in my opinion.

The little monkey with the kitten in tow looks cool. All primates should have some feline buddy in tow

Anonymous said...

that is not the cat's front paw, it appears to be a berry

Anonymous said...

The ONLY reason the snake tolerates the hamster is it ain't hungry yet!

Anonymous said...

Notice how all these are animals in captivity...

ImJustsayin said...

Those are some crazy eyes on that tiger with the rabbit.

He's saying, mmm Lunch is serverd.

ferretchick said...

The puppy and ferret are much older now but still friends. Originally posted on


sumgi said...

Some friendships just aren't meant to last. said...

OMG they are cutest things I've seen


Anonymous said...

There is some photoshopped gayness in there...but some cute REAL pictures can be found...

Mattieu said...

Great post, these photos rock!

Dave Greiman said...

Great pictures! So cute!

LEGIT freebies dude! said...

That's cute!

lazyleo said...

Made me smile :)

It's a wonderful world out there.

Anonymous said...

looks lovely but some were shopped...check out the shadows

Anonymous said...

Pic 13.. cat who licks the hamster is two diff pics merged together!

(Strange licking and no shadow from the cat!)

Otherwise, great other pictures!

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Anonymous said...

The bunny and the cat is the best one; good job nice photos!
Chris Jones

Salome's Mom said...

That is adorable. I am on cute overload.

Anonymous said...

very cute, but the majority are photoshopped. and some none too well.

alalalaa said...

lol! where's the kitty's shadow?! har har busted

Anonymous said...

The ferret and the dog are diffinitely real. The cat and the bunny- well, the shadow isn't near the cat, but look at the angle of the light... it is coming from the right. But yeah, some of the pics are Photoshopped very horribly... But the ferret and the dog pic is REALLY cute. I used to have a ferret like him named Cocoa (real creative name, eh? hah!)

Anonymous said...

Really Cute

Deuhte said...

Awesome pictures of cute animals... Keep them coming!

Coolest Pictures

Anonymous said...

the snake isn't eating the hamster because it is shedding. you can tell that the snake is shedding because the eye looks gray. most snakes don't eat when they're shedding.

but it's a cute idea : )

Anonymous said...

sooooo cute
But what happened to that poor hedgehogs foot?

rave girl said...

awww... cutest thing i ever seen!

rave girl said...

yeah i wonder what did happen....

Louis said...

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures....

Anonymous said...

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sara said...

some are coooool
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Markus said...

Good Job! :)

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lita.k said...

. . . The only reason that snake doesn't eat the mouse is cause the snake is close to shedding (notice the white eyes? that is caused by the shedding process which also causes the eye to shed as well)and snakes don't eat when they're shedding.

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Petula said...

Too cute! I love all of these photos.

zu said...

they're cutie cute cute

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gazeteoku said...

nice animals

Anonymous said...

They look nice...

Anonymous said...

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Hoca said...

yea, its cute and all, but what happened after they took the pictures?

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Anonymous said...

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(Photo-shopped or not) Animals are the best.

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